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download toolbarAs any other website first we want to sign in here. Here the username will be taken as our domain name.      i.e.; "" or "" will be the website address. So choose a username that resembles your website content. After it you want to fill the given form. Then there appears the page where we can choose the mode of making website. There is two modes. One Simple mode and other HTML mode. In simple mode you can make website by choosing any of the template provided by the website.  Freewebs provides a good collection of beautiful templates. You can add modern flash effects in the page using tools in this mode. These tools are not available in html mode.

If You already have a Designed Webpage

In HTML mode you can make website by writing html. i.e.; we can publish our own designed website there in html. Here we can publish any html codes of ads, banners etc.

To edit your pages click on site manager and you can see our pages there and also many other tools included which are very usefull for improving your website quality.

You can see that this website is uploaded in freewebs by me. How u feel??? is another website uploaded in freewebs.

Now you can see your designed site by clicking on View My Site Tab.

So make your website now just in minutes in freewebs.

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